Ways to keep your hair healthy

Everyone admires having long, healthy and thick hair. Most of us dream of having a natural healthy hair that is why we keep on admiring other people looking tidy with their natural hair. What do we lack? We lack nothing other than good care of our natural hair. We archive our bright shining silky hair for ourselves if we take a look at the following proven way of keeping our hair healthy.


• Eat a good diet.

The most effective way of keeping our hair look healthy is by keeping the health of the body itself. There are essential food compounds such as iron, proteins, and vitamins needed by hair cells for proper and healthy growth and give hair its natural sheen. The recommended foods rich in Iron are fish, beans, vegetables, and soybeans. Also, milk and peas are important for proteins. The other way is keeping your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water for the health of the skin and hair and sometimes go to skin cancer clinic to check if there is any signs of skin cancer.

• Keeping your hair trimmed.

A manageable way of keeping healthy hair is by regular trimming at a recommended period for short hair is 4 to 8 weeks while for long hair is 6 to 12 weeks, especially for men. Trimming helps in aiding the hair growth since regular trimming helps in removing damaged hair and split ends, and promoting the growth of new hair roots.

• Apply hair oils.

Oiling your hair helps in regulating the amount of produced on the skin of the head by oil glands. The produced oil moisturises the scalp and the hair. if you have kinky hair, oiling with coconut oil and shampoo helps to retain moisture and keep it flexible hence preventing breakage.

• Clean with conditioners and shampoo.

The hair must be cleansed with shampoo at a regulated amount depending on the length of the hair to clean the scalp and not to the hair root. Cleaning with shampoo drives away the hair oil, so it is necessary to apply the desired conditions to enhance moisture to the hair and keep it healthy and smooth all day long.

• Careful handling.

Combing or brushing hair carelessly may cause the loss of hair since it may be broken during the combing process. Considering the condition of wet hair, one should brush gently and not from the bottom, since brushing from the bottom may cause the hair breakage. Preferably, hair should be brushed twice a day.


To maintain our hair smart daily, we need to use the simple ’ Do It Yourself ’ way so that we can avoid uneconomical methods of maintenance, such as visiting the experts. Here are some tips on how we are going to do our daily care routine.

• Protect your hair from sunburn.

If you operate mostly outside, your hair might be exposed to the sun, try to wear a protective leave-in conditioner or a hat to help protect the sunburns from damaging your hair and skin. Do not attempt to use products that contain alcohol since it will damage your hair.

• Protect your hair from harsh chemicals.

Chemicals such as chlorine found in water can damage your hair if you are not keen to avoid them. If your hair accidentally comes into contact with chlorine, you should consider mixing the shampoo with little drops of vinegar and a little olive oil to restore the hair’s natural strength.

• Use natural powder.

This natural powder is used to nourish your hair. On the other hand, it helps soften and give your hair boost. The natural powder includes mustard, Brahmin and ginger.

• Use the right brush for your hair.

Usually, be keen when selecting the type of brush that suits your hair. Straight and smooth hair requires a round boar brush, but when your hair is a little damp, you need to twist it up to form a bun and lock it with a pin.

• Best products for hair growth.

Some selected cosmetic products are proven scientifically to stimulate hair growth. Here is the list of the products

– Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo.

– Rogaine treatment for hair loss and hair thinning.

– Natron biotin maximum strength tablets.

– Finasteride. (For men). This is also used to improve prostate health.

– Ultrax labs hair surge. This product can be used together with regular shampoo, and it is effective for both men and women.

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