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Could your daily skin routine be negatively impacting you?

When trying to take care of your skin, it’s essential to use the right products suited to your skin type. Some products may be too harsh, which could further any issues you may already be having. So let’s dive into this article and unmask some tips that will work for everyone.

How to take care of your skin?

In your everyday skin routine, you must include a good moisturiser. Moisturiser should be applied in the morning and before bed. Moisturising consistently is essential. Moreover, try to make sure you are not using a moisturiser that’s too oily for your skin type. Be observant when you shop, not all moisturises are the same.

Another factor in skincare revolves around the subject of makeup. Makeup can be very harmful to the skin, and it’s crucial that when you remove the makeup at the end of the day, you make sure it’s all off. This is best done with facial cleansing wipes, as most products(makeup removers) may upset your skins PH balance and are very harmful.

How to effectively make your skin glow overnight?

To make your skin glow overnight, you must invest in a gentle but effective moisturiser. Moisturisers effectively keep your skin hydrated while giving you a more glossy, younger look. Also, Fights or eliminates dry skin over time. Also, This should be coupled with toner as the pair both work well together. It’s also crucial that you maintain natural hydration by drinking plenty of water as dehydration leads to dehydrated skin. Moreover, Negatively impact the look of your skin. 


The best skincare routine

The best skincare routine consists of daily usage of the following types of products –

  • A gentle moisturiser
  • An exfoliation cream
  • A facial toner
  • A gentle cleanser

The products above should be applied with the following method -moisturising should be done in the morning and before bed as mentioned earlier. Exfoliation should be done only a couple of times a week. Most exfoliation products contain micro-beads which help to clear out the pores but are also harsh on the skin. That is why this method should on be done at most two times a week.

Toning is best done right before moisturising as they both work well together in helping to give your skin a healthy shine. At last, a cleanser can be used for everyday cleansing of the skin. It is best if we apply cleanser before the toner is put on. If your skin is free of dirt and sweat before toning and moisturising, it will not only feel better for your skin but will look much better. 

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