The Rose Hair Beauty & Massage Supplies has a wide selection of beauty and hair care products for you. Our competitive pricing makes all beauty products accessible to everybody. We offer a huge range of beauty and hair care products at affordable prices. Why not reward yourself with the highest quality and the best brands in beauty and hair care? Our friendly and experienced staff in The Rose can provide general information or advice on specific products for beauty and hair care. Contact us in Cairns today and they’ll be ready to assist you.  

About us

We believe in the power of health and beauty.  We decided to create a place where you can find everything you need to look and feel great. With expert help from professionals, we have compiled a wide range of quality products that will suit you at all stages of life. You can count on us to have whatever you need in our extensive collection.

Our staff

Whether you want to improve your general appearance or to improve your health, our professional personnel can help you find the product you need. We invest in the education of our staff and you can rest assured that they have the expertise needed to provide helpful, professional advice. Why not contact one of our staff members to find out more about our The Rose store and the products we have to offer?